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AEGIS AEROSPACE - Space Testing as a Service TM
For Testing of Advance Materials in Extreme Environments.

Aegis Aerospace’s has a suite of commercial testing platforms that provide unique opportunities for advancing materials development.

These platforms are:
• Regolith Adherence Characterization (RAC)
• Space Science Test and Evaluation Facility (SSTEF)
• Multi-purpose International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) facility, facilitate the testing of a wide range of materials, technologies, and experiments in the harsh and dynamic environments of the Moon and low-Earth orbit (LEO).

RAC: The RAC platform, launching in 2024, characterizes material interactions with lunar regolith (soil), enabling the development of technologies specifically designed to withstand the lunar environment.

SSTEF: The SSTEF, manifested for launch in early 2025, serves as a versatile testbed for a broad spectrum of technologies, ranging from new radiation protection systems to innovative communication solutions.

MISSE: Complementing these lunar platforms is the MISSE Flight Facility, a commercial platform installed on the International Space Station (ISS). With two 6-month missions every year through 2030, MISSE provides consistent access to exposure to the extreme conditions of LEO, allowing for the evaluation of materials and technologies under the combined effects of microgravity, extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, and atomic oxygen.

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Arizona, Canada, Caribbean, Carolinas, United States (ALL)
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Industrial/OEM, Tele Op Companies, Military/Aerospace, Government, Educational, Institutions
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